RF-star Now Apple Inc's iBeacon Licensee

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On May 20, nearly three months after submission, Shenzhen RF-star gets the Apple's official authorization and becomes one of the first-lot licensee of soft developers and hardware vendors of iBeacon program, and also has the permission to use iBeacon logo legally. It means all of related developed products could bear with iBeacon logo, including BLE modules, technical solutions and end-use products.
                             Authorized to use iBeacon logo by Apple Inc.
                             iBeacon-Technology Authorization
On Feb.26, to regulate the use of iBeacon logo and improve customer experience, Apple Inc. started an authorization plan of iBeacon for global low-power Bluetooth manufacturers. RF-star, as the leader of low-power Bluetooth technology application, has followed the development of iBeacon all the time, and applied for the license the very first time after Apple Inc. started the program. iBeacon was published officially on WWDC by Apple Inc. in 2013. It is an accurate positioning technology based on Bluetooth 4.0(or BLE  or Bluetooth Smart)and can position accurately from a few millimeters to 50 meters. Nowadays, there are 254 Apple Stores, Macy's department stores in the U.S., and other big supermarkets and stadiums all around the world  have been equipped with iBeacon base. It would be another worldwide applied technology since App Store presented by Apple Inc. RF-star, based on the Texas Instruments (TI) Bluetooth 4.0 CC254X series SoC, has developed RF transceiver modules, solutions and products with high performance and low power consumption(Bluetooth Low Energy). They could also be used for iBeacon technology development. Now RF-star has developed the demo board with small size(about 50-cent coin’s size), and it could download iBeacon programs in all BLE modules for clients to make further development.
 RF-star iBeacon demo and modules
  Our iBeacon solutions has been approved by a famous local bank. Now we are negotiating the deployment of iBeacon application in all its branches. Meanwhile, a famous domestic cinema line is contacting us, intending to use our iBeacon solution to modify its cinemas. A famous stadium in Beijing is also negotiating with us about the iBeacon application. We believe that iBeacon technology will be spread rapidly in the next few years, and is widely applied for the global business, media & entertainment, indoor positioning & mobile payment & etc. Quoted Apple’s slogan, "This changes everything. Again".