New developed Nordic nRF52840 BLE 5.0 module

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These Bluetooth modules are BLE RF modules. With advantages of low power consumption, compact design, long transmission distance and strong anti-interference capability, the modules embedded with high performance IFA, can be widely used in low power local area network communication.
RF-BM-ND05 built upon chip Nordic52840. The module can be used to develop consumer electronic products and phone peripherals over BLE 5.0. It provide a  quick BLE solution for the communication between customer’s products to mobile devices.

Module Parameters

SoC nRF52840QIAA
Supply Voltage 1.7V ~ 5.5V,3. 3V will be recommended
Frequency 2400 MHz ~ 2483.5MHz
Tx Power -20dBm ~ +8dBm
Sensitivity -96 dBm
Frequency Error ±20 kHz
Operating Temperature Range -20℃ ~ +70℃
(Chip support -40℃~+85℃,can adjust the working temperature by change the crystal)
Storage Temperature Range -40℃ ~ +125℃
Module Size 24.8*15.0*2.3mm

Pin assignment

Figure 1 Pin assignment
Pin Name Definition Remarks
Pin1 GND Ground Ground
Pin2 VCC Positive Input Power Supply: 3.3V
Pin3 P21 I/O  
Pin4 P22 I/O  
Pin5 P23 I/O  
Pin6 P24 I/O  
Pin7 P25 I/O  
Pin8 P28 I/O  
Pin9 P29 I/O  
Pin10 P30 I/O  
Pin11 P26 I/O  
Pin12 P27 I/O  
Pin13 P02 I/O  
Pin14 P03 I/O  
Pin15 P04 I/O  
Pin16 P05 I/O  
Pin17 P06 I/O  
Pin18 P07 I/O  
Pin19 P08 I/O  
Pin20 P09 I/O  
Pin21 P10 I/O  
Pin22 P11 I/O  
Pin23 P12 I/O  
Pin24 P13 I/O  
Pin25 P14 I/O  
Pin26 P15 I/O  
Pin27 P16 I/O  
Pin28 SWDIO  
Pin29 SWCLK  
Pin30 P17 I/O  
Pin31 P18 I/O  
Pin32 P19 I/O  
Pin33 P20 I/O  

Package Size

Thickness of the module is 2.3 ± 0.1 mm。
Figure 2 Package Size

Layout Proposals

The serpentine antenna on PCB is free space electromagnetic radiation. The place and layout range are keys to enhance the data rate and transmit range.
Thus,Below are the layout proposals for antenna and route:
1, Place the antenna on the edge(corner) of the PCB backplane.
2, Make sure there is no signal or copper foil in each layer.
3, Hollowing out the yellow pane part (figure 3) to make less S11 interference.
Figure 3

Recommended Operating Conditions

(1) The operating temperature is limited to the change of crystal’s frequency.
(2) To ensure the RF performance, the ripple wave of the source must be less than 300mV.
Identification Test Condition Min Typ Max Unit
Source & IO Battery mode 1.6 3.3 5.5 V
Operating Temperature / -20 25 70
Environmental Hot Pendulum   -20   20 ℃/Min

Reflow Conditions

1. Heating mode:conventional convection or IR convection;
2. Times allowed to reflow: 2 times, for the below reflow (conditions)(figure 4);
3. Temperature curve: the reflow should be in accordance with the temperature curve shown below (figure 4);
4. Highest:245°C。
Figure 4 Parts’ heat-resistance temperature curve for welding(welding point)

Electrostatic Discharge 

Module will be damaged for the discharge of static, RF star suggest that all modules should follow the 3 precautions below.:
1. According to the anti-static measures, bare hands are not allowed to touch modules.
2. Modules must be placed in anti- static areas.
3. Take the anti-static circuitry(when inputting HV or VHF) into consideration in product design. Static may result in the degradation in performance of module, even causing the failure.