RF-star with new smart products in CES 2016

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                                                                                  RF-star with new smart products in CES 2016

The world's largest innovation event-CES, during January 6 to 9th 2016, the 48th Consumer Electronics Show( CES ) will hold successfully in Las Vegas with world's attention.More than 3,600 exhibiting companies will launch some 20,000 products.You will experience the latest tech trends driving this industry evolution.

                                          The world's largest innovation event-CES 2016

After 2015, with a year of efforts,research and development, RF-star brought new products in CES 2016,welcome to Shenzhen RFstar booth Sands 1F No.83234 to discuss,which displayed intelligent wireless control(based on bluetooth,wifi and zigbee etc),total solutions and different smart products.Las Vegas is buzzing with excitement as the first day of CES comes to a close, Shenzhen RF-star won the praise and more attentions from the world.

                                                 RF-star CEO King Kang in CES 2016                                                            

                               RF-star Vice President Stephen HO discussed with clients in CES

Like Consumer Technology Association CEO Gary Shapiro say”The ever-expanding innovations and adoption of the Internet of Things (IoT) will drive market expansion”.RF-star would make more efforts in RF applications with advanced technology in future.