RF-BM-4044B2 CC2640R2F BLE Module Specifications(CC26404X4)_v4.01u

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Product Description
RF-BM-4044B2 is a Bluetooth Low Energy data module built on basis of the TI CC2640
(access this link to download data sheet of the IC: which is embedded with ARM ® Cortex ® -M0 and ARM ® Cortex ® -M3. The module comes with the transparent transmission firmware and has reserved serial ports for further development.

No. Parameter item Parameter details Description
1 Chip CC2640R2F TI
2 Size 16.25*11.2mm -
3 Weight 1.1g -
4 Frequency Band 2400~2483.5MHz Adjustable
5 PCB 4-layer Impedance-matching, lead-free
7 Supply Voltage 1.8~3.8V DC The voltage higher than 3.8V is forbidden
8 Operation Range 50m Open area; +2dBm;
Height: 2m; Baud rate: 9600bps
9 Max Power Max +2dBm 1.5mW
Baud rate 6 level 4800bps, 9600bps, 19200bps,38400bps,57600bps,115200bps
10 Shutdown current 1uA MCU in sleep,wireless closed,VCC=3.3V
11 Transmitting current 9.1mA  
12 Receiving current 5.9mA 3.3V
13 Communication interface  IO See details in Pin definition
14 Transmitting length 20 bytes BLE
15 Receiving length 20 bytes BLE
16 RSSI support Available Find more details on CC2640R2F datasheet
17 Antenna type PCB 50Ω characteristic impedance
18 Operating temperature -20 ~ +85℃ Industrial-grade
19 Operating humidity 10% ~ 90% Relative humidity, without condensation
20 Storage temperature -55 ~ +125℃ Industrial-grade
21 Sensitivity -97dbm Find more details on CC2640R2F datasheet
Illustration of Working Mode
The Bluetooth Low Energy modules can work in bridge mode (transparent transmission mode).
After being started, the module can broadcast automatically,then the Smart phone scan and pair with it. When the connecton is successful, the smart phone can monitor and control the module through Bluetooth protocol.
In bridge mode, user’s MCU can communicate with the mobile device bi-directionally through module's UART. Users can also manage and control certain communication parameters through specific serial port AT commands. The detailed meaning of the user’s data is defined by the up-application. Mobile devices can write the module through the APP. And the data written will be sent to the user MCU through serial ports. Then the module will transmit the data package from user MCU to the mobile devices automatically. Under the development in this mode, the user needs to undertake the work of code design for master CPU, and the code design of APP for smart mobile terminals.

Figure 1 RF-BM-4044B2  Module Bridge mode
Product Features

Package Size and Pin Assignments
Figure 2 RF-BM-4044B2 Package Size 
Figure 3 Pin Assignments
Pin No. Module Chip I/O Description
Pin Pin
Name Name
Pin1 GND Ground
Pin2 VCC Power supply 1.8V~3.8V
Pin3 TMS I/O Connect the TMS of XDS simulator
Pin4 TCK I/O Connect the TCK of XDS simulator
Pin5 RST Reset and effective at low level,no internal pull-up.
Pin6 EN P06 I Module-enabled control line (level trigger mode as default,no internal pull-up)
- Level trigger mode - Active when low level, without internal pull-up.
0: Module starting to broadcast, until connected to the mobile device
1: Entering sleep mode immediately, regardless of the current status (0.1µA)
Pin7 P09 I/O  
Pin8 GND Ground
Pin9 GND Ground
Pin10 P08 I/O  
Pin11 P07 I/O  
Pin12 Link instruction P05 O Link instruction
0:BLE connected
1:BLE unconnected
Pin13 Broadcast instruction P04 O Broadcast instruction
0:Open broadcasting
1:Close broadcasting
Pin14 BRTS P03   As the data sending requests (for module wake-up)
- 0: Host has data to send, and module will wait for data transmission from the host so will not sleep
1. Host has no data to send, or data has been sent. So the value of the signal should be set at “1”.
Pin15 BCTS P02 O Data input signal (for host wake-up, optional)
- 0: Module has data to send, and the host will receive the data.
1: Module has no data to send, or data has been sent, and thevalue of the signal will be set at “1”.
Pin16 TX P01 O Serial port TX
Pin17 RX P00 I Serial port RX
Pin18 NC  
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details RF-BM-4044B2 module
packed in corrugated cases with antistatic sponges
Delivery will be made 1 work day after the order is confirmed
Delivery will be made by couriers such as DHL, UPS, Fedex, TNT and EMS etc. It will normally take 3 to 7 work days to arrive in most countries.
b. We can also help you ship the goods by airliners, who normally pledge to arrive in 2 to 7 calendar days. In that case, you have to pick it at the airport. c. We accept the payment methods such as Paypal, credit card, TT and L/C.
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