pin to pin OTP BLE bluetooth module RF-BM-S02D same dimension with S02

The module is designed to quickly connect electronic products with smart mobile devices, and can be
widely used in various electronic devices, such as instruments, logistics tracking, healthcare, smart
home, sports metering, automotive electronics, toys, and etc. With Android 4.3 smart devices integrated
with BLE technology, it will be a trend that BLE will be the standard configuration of smart phones. And
the market demand on smart phone peripherals will increase geometrically. With this module, users can
integrate their existing solutions or products in the shortest development cycle, to occupy the market in
the fastest speed, and to empower their company’s growth with the strength of new technology.
The module can work in bridge mode (transparent transmission mode) and direct-drive mode.
After being started, the module can broadcast automatically. Smart phones with specific application
running will scan and pair with it. When connection success, the smart phone can monitor and
control the module through Bluetooth protocol.
In bridge mode, user 's MCU can communicate with the mobile device in two-way through module's
UART. Users can also manage and control certain communication parameters through specific
UART AT commands.
The detailed meaning of the user data is defined by the up-application. Mobile devices can write to
the module through the APP. And the data written will be sent to the user’s MCU through UART.
Then the module will transmit the data package from user MCU to the mobile devices automatically.
In the development under this mode, the user need to undertake the code design for MCU code,
and the code design of APP for smart mobile terminals.
In Direct-Drive mode, users take simple periphery expansion to the module. And APP drives the
module directly through BLE protocol, to implement the monitoring and control of the module by
smart mobile devices. In this mode, users only need to do the code design for smart mobile
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Bluetooth Smart Module:

Super compact package size and abundant AT commands.
High-speed data transmission,varying from 2 to 10k/s.
Ultra-low power standing-by,with only 0.4 uA of current in sleep mode.
Extra long distance for communication,up to 100m in open area,and functioning steadily.
Supporting both bridge mode(transparent data transmission)and direct drive mode(no additional CPU needed)

1. Easy to use, no need of any experience of Bluetooth protocol stack application
2. UART design for user interface, full-duplex bi-directional communication, and supporting the
minimum baud rate of 4800 bps;
3. Supporting bridge mode (USART transparent transmission), and direct-drive mode (no additional
MCU needed);
4. Default connection interval of 20ms, which makes quick connection;
5. Supporting software reset module by AT command, and access to the MAC address;
6. Supporting the adjustment of Bluetooth connection interval by AT command, and the control of
different forwarding rates (dynamic power adjustment);
7. Supporting the adjustment of the transmission power by AT command, the change of
broadcasting interval, the customization of broadcasting data, the customization of equipment UDID,
the setting of data delay (preparation time of user MCU USART receiving), the change of the
USART baud rate, and the change of the module names (all settings can be saved after power-off);
8. The length of the UART packets can be any below or equal to the arbitrary length of 200 byte
(large packet automatic distribution);
9. High-speed transparent transmission forward rate maximum up to 4 K/S and the stable rate to be
at 2.5 K to 2.5 K (IO5, IO6);
10. Supporting the change of module name by APP in mobile devices, the change of UART baud
rate and product UDID, the customization of broadcasting contents and cycle (all settings can be
saved after power-off);
11. Supporting the remote reset of module by APP in mobile devices, and the setting of
transmission power;
12. Supporting the adjustment of Bluetooth connection interval by APP in mobile devices but the
setting cannot be saved after power-off (dynamic power adjustment);
13. All IO port expansion,including debug ports.