CC2540 Module RF-BM-S02I Bluetooth 4.0 Module with IPEX Antenna Direct-driven

As a member of BT-SIG, Texas Instruments (TI) introduced CC254x series of SOC low-power Bluetooth transceiver. With classical 51 kernel inside, its most prominent features are rich periphery
(including 21 IO, UART, SPI, USB2.0, PWM, ADC, analog comparator, op-amp), super wide working voltage (2v – 3.6v), extreme low energy consumption (<0.4μA), and very short wake-up delay (4μs)
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Chip: CC2540F256
Processor: High-performance and low-power industrial-standard 8051
Protocol: Bluetooth low energy v4.0
Band-width: 2 MHz 

lModule Features  (IPEX)


1. Easy to use, no need of any experience of Bluetooth protocol stack application
2. UART design for user interface, full-duplex bi-directional communication, and supporting the
minimum baud rate of 4800 bps;
3. Supporting bridge mode (USART transparent transmission), and direct-drive mode (no additional
MCU needed);
4. Default connection interval of 20ms, which makes quick connection;
5. Supporting software reset module by AT command, and access to the MAC address;

6. Supporting the adjustment of Bluetooth connection interval by AT command, and the control of
different forwarding rates (dynamic power adjustment);
7. Supporting the adjustment of the transmission power by AT command, the change of
broadcasting interval, the customization of broadcasting data, the customization of equipment UDID,
the setting of data delay (preparation time of user MCU USART receiving), the change of the
USART baud rate, and the change of the module names (all settings can be saved after power-off);
8. The length of the UART packets can be any below or equal to the arbitrary length of 200 byte
(large packet automatic distribution);
9. High-speed transparent transmission forward rate maximum up to 4 K/S and the stable rate to be
at 2.5 K to 2.5 K (IO5, IO6);
10. Supporting the change of module name by APP in mobile devices, the change of UART baud
rate and product UDID, the customization of broadcasting contents and cycle (all settings can be
saved after power-off);


11. 6 two-way programmable IO port, input check triggered by external interrupt, and low power
operation (applied in trigger alarm, lighting control, remote control toys, and various i/o switch);
12. 2 programmable single timing / cycling timing output port (applied in smart timing schedule);
13. 2 ADC inputs (14 bit), EN/BAN, free configuration of sampling cycle (applied in
temperature/humidity metering, photometry, & etc.);
14. 4 programmable PWM outputs (120 hz) (applied in dimming control);
15. Module-side RSSI continuous acquisition, APP readable and auto-notifying, EN/BAN, free
setting of acquisition frequency (applied in finder, anti-loss and alarm);
16. Supporting battery reading and prompt, able to auto upload (notification of remaining battery);




CC2540 is a cost-effective, low-power, true system-on-chip (SoC) for Bluetooth low energy applications.It enables robust BLE master or slave nodes to be built with very low total bill-of-material costs.

CC2540 combines an excellent RF transceiver with an industry-standard enhanced 8051 MCU, in-system programmable flash memory, 8-KB RAM, and many other powerful supporting features and peripherals.

CC2540 is suitable for systems where very low power consumption is required. Very low-power sleep modes are available. Short transition times between operating modes further enable low power consumption.



lModule Parameters

Working voltage:                           2.0V to 3.6V

Sleep Current:                               0.4 μA

Frequency Band:                                    2400~2483.5MHz,Adjustable

Frequency Error:                           ±50KHz

PCB:                                               4-layer,Impedance-matching, lead-free

Operation Range:                                  80m,Open area; +4dBm;Height: 2m; Baud rate: 9600bps

Baud rate 6 level:                          4800bps, 9600bps,19200bps, 38400bps,57600bps,115200bps 

Shutdown current:                          0.5uA,MCU in sleep,wireless closed,VCC=3.3V

Transmitting current:                             24mA

Receiving current:                         19.6mA,3.3V

Communication interface:                 IO

Transmitting length:                        20 bytes,BLE

Receiving length:                            20 bytes,BLE

RSSI support:                                 Available

Operating humidity:                       10% ~ 90%,Relative humidity, without condensation

Sensitivity:                                       -93dBm@+4dBm

Operating temperature range (C):  -40 to 85