RF-WM-3200B1 CC3200 2.4GHz Wi-Fi Module

RF-WM-3200B1 CC3200 2.4GHz Wi-Fi Module
Product Description
RF-WM-3200B1 is a Wi-Fi IoT module built on basis of TI CC3200 IC, which is embedded with a Cortex-M4 MCU. It supports a variety of peripherals i.e. camera interface, I2S, SD/MMC, UART, SPI, I2C, ADC and GPIO. The module supports IEEE 802.11 b/g/n standards, and is able to work at Station, AP and Wi-Fi Direct modes. Antenna wise, it offers 3 options: ceramic antenna, IPEX base and antenna welding.
RF-WM-3200B1 supports TCP/IP protocols and relevant applications. It can be widely applied in a big variety of IoT scenarios i.e. home automation, home appliance control, security systems, smart energy, internet gateway, industrial control, smart metering, wireless audio, wireless doorbell and sensor networking nodes etc.
The module has two operation modes: AT Command Mode and Data Transparent Transmission Mode. With AT Command Mode, the developer can write a series of AT commands to route the transmission of the data. While in Data Transparent Transmission Mode, the modules automatically transmit the data by broadcasting the UDP packets with designated destinations. The developer or user does not have to instruct how the data transmission is routed in the latter mode. However, to switch between operation modes for the network or change the work mode of a module, the user has to use some simple AT commands to instruct the modules.
Product Features
The module which works at Station mode can exchange data between any devices in the LAN,beside it can through a router to enter the internet,and communicate among remote devices.
One module works at AP mode as TCP Server,and the other modules works at Station mode as TCP Client to communicate with it.
No. Parameter item Parameter details Description
1 Chip CC3200 TI
2 Size 31*20mm -
3 Weight 5g -
4 Frequency Band 2402 MHz ~ 2480MHz  
6 PCB 4-layer Impedance-matching, lead-free
7 Supply Voltage 2.3~3.6V DC The voltage higher than 3.6V is forbidden
8 Operation Range 100m Open area; +17dBm;
9 Max Power Max +17dBm 50mW
10 Power consumption Averge:1.AP Mode:74mA                 2.STA mode Active:20mA                  3.STA Mode Always Connected(Long Sleep Intervals:400ms):1.5mA             4.STA Mode Hibernate:35uA  
11 Communication interface  IO See details in Pin definition
12 Antenna type PCB/IPEX 50Ω characteristic impedance/-
13 Operating temperature -40 ~ +85℃ Industrial-grade
14 Operating humidity 10% ~ 90% Relative humidity, without condensation
15 Storage temperature -55 ~ +125℃ Industrial-grade
16 Sensitivity -80dBm Find more details on CC3200 datasheet
17 Interface Uart/SPI/IO/I2C/I2S/SD/PWM/ADC  
18 Flash 1MB(MAX:16MB)  
19 Core Cortex-M4(32bits)  
20 clock speed 80MHz  
21 Protocol IEEE 802.11 b/g/n  
22 *RAM(available) 256KB(200KB)  
23 Max Transmit Rate 400KBytes/S(SPI<-->WiFi)  
Parameters Condition Min Typical Max Unit
Storage Temperature Range - -55 Normal 125
Working Voltage Value - 2.3 3.3 3.6 V
Package Size and Pin Assignments
Figure 1 RF-WM-3200B1 Package Size
Figure 2 RF-WM-3200B1 Pins
Module Pins Function Remarks
1 GND Module grounding
2 RF_OUT RF output interface
3 GPIO00 IO port
4 GPIO30 IO port
5 GPIO01 IO port
6 GPIO02 Wake-up pin. Positive edge will trigger to wake the module up, and keep it in working status when at high level. When at low level, the module will enter into sleep mode after current tasks completed
7 GPIO03 IO port
8 GPIO04 IO port
9 GPIO05 IO port
10 GPIO06 IO port
12 GPIO08 IO port
13 GPIO09 IO port
14 Network status LED Network status indicator(light on by high level); constant light on means success in obtaining IP (STA mode) or setting up AP network (AP model); quickflashing means connecting to the Wi-Fi router (STA mode); and recording light means having entered into SmartConfig mode and waiting for SmartConfig operation
15 GPIO11 IO port
16 GPIO12 IO port
17 GPIO13 IO port
18 GPIO14 IO port
19 GPIO15 IO port
20 GPIO16 IO port
21 GPIO17 IO port
22 Button Factory settings restore button; internal pull-down to input by default; module restoring to factory settings when 5s lasts in high level state
23 GPIO23,JTAG TDI IO port and JTAG TDI port multiplexing
24 GPIO24,JTAG TDO IO port and JTAG TDO port multiplexing
25 GPIO28 IO port
27 GPIO29,JTAG TMS IO port and JTAG TMS port multiplexing
28 GPIO26 IO port
29 GPIO27 IO port
30 RESET Module reset pin; internal pull-up by default; low level to reset
31 UART0 RX UART RX pins
32 SOP0 -
33 SOP1   -
34 SOP2 -
35 VCC Power driver (2.3V-3.6V power supply)
36 GND Module grounding
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details RFWM-3200B1 module
packed in corrugated cases with antistatic sponges
Delivery will be made 1 work day after the order is confirmed

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