Beacons in Different Styles

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iBeacon was published officially on WWDC by Apple Inc. in 2013. It is an accurate positioning technology based on
Bluetooth 4.0(or BLE or Bluetooth Smart) and can position accurately from a few millimeters to 50 meters.When your
handheld device is near a Beacon base, the equipment can be received the signal of Ibeacon. Compared with other original
Bluetooth technology,it has several features as follows:
Firstly, No need to pair. In the past, Apple has great strict to bluetooth equipment control, also it only could be connected
to the IDevice through MFI certification,but to connect with others bluetooth 4.0 does not have these limits;
Secondly,Accuracy and Distance.Generally, previous Bluetooth (Bluetooth 2.0... ) transmission distance is 0.1 ~ 10m, while
the range of iBeacons signal can be accurate the millimeter level to 50m;
Finally,low-power consumption. In fact, Bluetooth 4.0 also known as Bluetooth lower energy,and an normally button cell
could used for two years for a Beacon base hardware.
In a word,iBeacon technology is just like indoor GPS. iPhone could receive ibeacons transmission and get they accurate
positioning. For example,After come back iPhone App could direct you to find your exact parking space when you drive into
an underground parking garage and go shopping after parking. And the positioning is only one of the ibeacon technology,
it also allow your phone to send a simple signal,such as “I am here”.This means ibeacon could do more things perfectly.